Choose, Follow, Monitor

A great solution if you want to:

Control Trades at any time

You have control of the trades since HFcopy allows MT4 access and lets you close trades.

Decide how much to risk

You can use Volume Allocation to determine what percentage of the Strategy Provider’s trades you wish to have copied.

Set your Rescue Level

There’s no obligation to invest your account’s entire balance. Setting a Rescue Level allows you to keep a fraction secure in case of loss.

Unfollow any time

Provided that the markets are open, you can unfollow one Strategy Provider and select another.

Withdraw your funds any time

With HFcopy, when you are a Follower you can choose to withdraw profits or available funds any time you want to do so.

Take it step by step

1 Open an account
2 Choose a Strategy Provider
3 Add funds and start following
4 Monitor Performance

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Terms and Conditions Apply

Disclaimer: Trading CFDs and Forex is risky. The product is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation. Past performance does not guarantee future results.